Attention pursuers of all things factual, informative and, at times, trivial:

If you’re the kind of person that finds repositories of knowledge, intelligence and trivia your “cup of tea”…


Consider Facts ‘O Fun your sanctuary; your own “secret garden” where you can play all day, learn all night and amaze your family and friends with your new-found smarts.

And fun is what it’s all about.

In fact, you might have a subject you would love to learn more about but don’t yet see it amongst our halls of minutiae, trifles and trivialities, simply email us with your request.

Respectfully yours,

Adam J. Kovitz

Curator, Facts ‘O Fun

One response to “About

  1. Lynn Price

    Your article on chewing gum shows a picture of my grandfather, William Finley Semple who was the Principal Chief of the Choctaws 1918-1922. His uncle William Finley Semple is the dentist who patented chewing gum.

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