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The Who’s “Tommy”: Pete Townshend’s Magnum Opus and First Rock-Opera

Original Album Cover Art for "Tommy"

Original Album Cover Art for "Tommy"

Fun Facts About The Who’s “Tommy”


What is the name of Tommy’s mother?

    Mrs. Walker. From the song “It’s a Boy” – “It’s a boy, Mrs Walker, it’s a boy”.

What is the first name of Tommy’s cousin, who bullies him while babysitting?

    Kevin. The song “Cousin Kevin” was written by John Entwistle.

Which member of The Who claimed that he never listened to the completed “Tommy” album after recording had finished?

John Entwistle. John Entwistle once said that he had grown so bored making the album, recording many takes and re-takes, that he never listened to the finished product. 

Which character introduces Tommy to the Acid Queen?

    The Hawker. The Acid Queen was played by Tina Turner in the movie version of “Tommy”.

What is broken to bring about Tommy’s miracle cure?

    A mirror. The episode is covered in the song “Smash the Mirror”.

Keith Moon is credited with writing which song on the “Tommy” LP?

    Tommy’s Holiday Camp. Although the song was actually written by Townshend, the credit was given to Moon because he came up with the idea of having Tommy run a holiday camp.

Who sings the song “Fiddle About”?

    John Entwistle. Entwistle wrote and sang two songs on the “Tommy” LP – “Fiddle About” and “Cousin Kevin”.

Which Mose Allison song was recorded for “Tommy” but didn’t make it onto the final album?

    Young Man Blues. The Who’s version of “Young Man Blues” wasn’t released on the “Tommy” LP, but the band included the song in their live set for many years afterwards.

Who painted the cover art for the “Tommy” album?

    Mike McInnerney. Mike McInnerney was art director for International Times and introduced Pete Townshend to the teachings of Meher Baba.

What was the release date of the “Tommy” LP in the UK?

    23 May 1969. The album peaked at number two in the UK charts and at number four in the US.

When did The Who debut “Tommy” in the US?

7 June 1970, at Lincoln Center in New York City

VIDEO: “Tommy” – Live performance by The Who

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